• AnyStor Enterprise
    Experience the infinite scalability and multiprotocol capabilities
    with Gluesys AnyStor Enterprise.

AnyStor Enterprise is a unified storage
that provides excellent scalability and flexibility,
which can effectively respond to various business environments.

Compared to the traditional file storage, AnyStor Enterprise is a unified storage system that delivers block, file, and object storage services. It provides various storage services in a single system to minimize the TCO of your storage infrastructure.



High-performance and highly scalable architecture

Build a petabyte-level storage space in a single node with a performance increase through linear scaling.

Reduce TCO of storage system

With its elasticity as software-defined storage, AnyStor Enterprise can be deployed in any x86 standard server to reduce the organization’s capital and operating expenses.

Consolidate data silos

AnyStor Enterprise’s file and block-based architecture deliver storage services to any user environments, which breaks down data silos and consolidate business resources.

Experience the flexibility

AnyStor Enterprise supports file and block protocols as well as Active Directory, Open Directory, SNFS, RESTful OpenAPI, and POSIX API to eliminate the barriers between heterogeneous systems.

Ranked 1st in SPC Benchmark 1 Price-Performance

AnyStor Enterprise all-flash storage ranked the best-ever price-performance in the latest SPC (Storage Performance Council) Benchmark 1 report.
SPC-1 test simulates real-life mission-critical workloads in database and OLTP systems.
The Gluesys AS-700EK scored 310,506 IOPS, and the price per 1KIOPS was $84.06, which represents the best cost-effectiveness.

Use Cases

Video Editing
Build an agile, highly scalable storage system to handle intensive media workloads of your post-production studio.

  • Non-linear editing (NLE)
  • Rendering
AnyStor Enterprise ensures data resiliency and business continuity for your mission-critical and workload-intensive virtual environment.

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
Enterprise Storage Services
Deploy a cost-effective storage system for enterprise environments that requires low latency and high reliability.

  • Cloud services
  • Online transactions
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